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Don’t Let it Get You & Avondale Dogs

Don't Let It Get You

Director John O'Shea

Production Co Pacific Films

Editor John O'Shea

Screenplay Joseph Musaphia

Sound Tony Williams

With Howard Morrison, Gary Wallace, Carmen Duncan, Harry Lavington, Alma Woods, Tanya Binning

Cinematography Tony Williams

Avondale Dogs , Gregor Nicholas, 1994 (15 minutes)

A young boy grapples with something bigger than he realises: the love within himself brought into focus through his relationship with his dying mother and this love's power of transcendence in times of pain and loss. A multi-award winning film.

Don't Let it Get You , Pacific Films, 1966

This feel good musical comedy from Pacific Films was their third feature, and one of the few made during the lean years of New Zealand filmmaking of the 1950s and 1960s. Featuring an all star cast, including Howard Morrison, Kiri Te Kanawa and Normie Rowe, on release it was publicised as "a tonic film that doesn’t let the blues get you. When it finishes, you feel as if the time has gone too fast and you leave the theatre wanting to see it all over again."

Screening in partnership with the exhibition Colin McCahon: On Going Out with the Tide currently on at City Gallery, Wellington. Introduced by musician Ray Ahipene-Mercer and City Gallery Chief Curator Robert Leonard.