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Footrot Flats: The Dog's (Tail) Tale

Footrot Flats

Director Murray Ball

Producer John Barnett, Pat Cox

Editor Michael Horton

Screenplay Murray Ball, Tom Scott

With John Clarke, Peter Rowley, Rāwiri Paratene, Fiona Samuel, Billy T James.

Contributors Animation Director: Robbert Smit, Backgrounds: Richard Zaloudek

Footrot Flats is the archetypal farming community that everyone knows exists somewhere.

 In Murray Ball's iconic cartoon strips and then in this animated feature film, the day-to-day events of Footrot Flats are chronicled by an extremely intelligent dog with a great sense of his own worth. He is simply known as "Dog".

This Matariki screening acknowledges the recent passing of creator Murray Ball as well as John Clarke and Billy T. James - both of these well known and uniquely talented actors/comedians voiced characters in this film.