Director Merata Mita

Producer Merata Mita

Screenplay Merata Mita

Cinematography Paul Leach

Mauri is the story of Rewi, a man haunted by a past which threatens to engulf his future. The story is set among the colourful characters of a once thriving settlement, Te Mata, upon whom the encroachment by Europeans spells disaster. Now isolated by lack of numbers, time and distance, the remaining survivors form a tight-knit community which outsiders find impenetrable. Rewi's deceit forces him to become part of that community and his life is inextricably interwoven with those around him.

“Festival/Awards: Douarenenez Cinema-France 2001.” - New Zealand Film Commission; ; 28/01/2014; 28/01/2014.

This screening is to support the Matariki: Tau Hou 2017 selection of films in honour of past filmmaker Merata Mita as well as in support of the Turnbull Gallery exhibition Wāhine; Beyond the Dusky Maiden.