Mururoa 1973

Muroroa 1973

Director Alister Barry

Editor David Tossman

With Sylvia Harvey

44 years ago, in March 1973, the anti-nuclear ship “Fri” set off from Whangārei to Moruroa (Mururoa) Atol, where the French Government were testing nuclear weapons. Filmmaker Alister Barry accompanied the crew – which included a cross-section of New Zealanders and people from all around the world – and interviewed them along the way. The footage he shot on the journey forms this documentary.

"Barry records the assembly of the crew, the long journey from Northland, and their reception in the test zone; when The Fri was boarded and impounded by French military he had to hide his camera in a barrel of oranges. The Fri was a key part of activism that was formative for environmental group Greenpeace, and anti-nuclear sentiment in NZ. Barry's debut film screened primetime on NZ TV and gained international attention." – NZ on Screen