Pasifika Shorts & Splinters


A selection of fresh shorts from Aotearoa, partnered with a short documentary on the evolution of indigenous surfing in Papua New Guinea.

Sunday Funday

2016, Dianna Fuemana, M – Violence & sex scenes, 15 minutes
A teenager’s fantasy and a solo mum’s reality collide.

Producer/director/writer: Dianna Fuemana
With: Fiona Collins (Mum), Freeda Fuelagi Fuemana (Tiger), Shimpal Lelisi (Ronnie)


2016, PG – Adult themes, 14 minutes
Nan Maria is on her way out, will her family forgive her?

Director: Jeremiah Tauamiti
With: Leiataua Si’ulepa (Nan Maria), Mary Lauati (Little Maria)


2015, M – Horror Scenes, 6 minutes
In an animated dystopia, where food and resources are scarce, a mad scientist ventures in the night to procure an icky new food source.

Director/screenplay: Matasila Freshwater


2017, PG – coarse language, 16 minutes
A young woman with a shameful secret hides out from friends and family in a massive tree.

Director/screenplay: Lauren Jackson


2017, PG - some scenes may scare very young children, 15 minsTwo young brothers hatch a plan to head into the woods and hunt for a notorious possum named Scar.

Director/writer: Dave Whitehead
With: Te Ahitaewa Hakaraia-Hosking (David), Duane Evans Jnr (Nathan), Taungaroa Emile (Dad)


2015, Adam Pesce, 60 minutes, Exempt
A documentary about the evolution of indigenous surfing in Papua New Guinea. 

In the 1980s an intrepid Australian pilot left behind a surfboard in the seaside village of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea. Twenty years later, surfing is not only a pillar of village life, but it’s also a means to prestige. This story unfolds in the months leading up to the first National Surf Championships and explores the hopes and dreams of the surfers, the effect that surfing has had on relationships, societal changes, and the rivalries that surface between friends and families within this tight knit, male-dominated community.