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Public Discussion + Contromano / Bike Repair Shop

Contromano public discussion

Director Stefano Gabbiani

Producer Angelo D’Agostino and Andrea Deaglio

Screenplay Stefano Gabbiani

With Pictured (left to right, from top): panellists Caroline Shaw, Paul McArdle, Laurie Foon, Ashley Peters, David Klein.

Does the bicycle really have the power to transform cities, the environment and lives? The New Zealand Bicycle Film Festival has invited five impressive local speakers to discuss this question in an open panel session following a film screening of Contromano / Bike Repair Shop (6pm, 30 March.)

In Contromano / Bike Repair Shop (2014), as polluted Turin emerges from decades of car industry domination, the owners of two bicycle repair shops reveal the power of the bike to transform the climate, cities, and the lives of individuals.

Our panellists bring local thinking and diverse perspectives to the idea of the bike as a tool for change.

Laurie Foon – business woman, director and designer for the iconic fashion label Starfish and founder/showhost of B-Side Stories – runs the Sustainable Business Network in Wellington.

Paul McArdle’s background is banking but since 2009 his focus has been biking – enabling as many children as possible to experience its benefits and joys through the Bikes in Schools project.

Ashley Peters is the effervescent founder of WORD (Wellington Off-road Riding Dept)- a non-profit youth organisation, which encourages kids to build confidence, skills and friendships through a shared love of biking.

Caroline Shaw is a public health doctor at the University of Otago Wellington, where she researches transport and health. She is passionate about active transport and what it can do for the health and happiness of people.

David Klein will host the discussion, drawing on his background as a broadcaster, pop-science performer and cyclist.