Swallows and Amazons


Director Philippa Lowthorpe

Producer Nicholas Barton, Nick O’Hagan, Joe Oppenheimer

Editor David Thrasher

Screenplay Andrea Gibb. Based on the novel by Arthur Ransome

Sound Ilan Eshkeri

With Rafe Spall, Andrew Scott, Kelly Macdonald, Dane Hughes, Orla Hill, Teddy Malleson-Allen, Bobby McCulloch, Seren Hawkes, Hannah-Jayne Thorp

Cinematography Julian Court

“The four Walker children have finally convinced their parents to let them set off on their own for a sailing adventure during summer vacation. Their summer of freedom quickly turns into a fierce turf war when they learn their island camp has been claimed by the boisterous Amazons, and find themselves caught in the midst of some nefarious international intrigue that’s landed in their sleepy byways. Based on the beloved English novels by Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons is filled with dramas big and small... that come together to create a fluidly captivating story of bravery set against the languorous beauty of the English countryside.”— New York International Children’s Film Festival

 “Arthur Ransome’s classic pre-war tale of childhood adventure Swallows and Amazons still evokes a golden, prelapsarian age when kids were free range and mucking about in boats was the acme of excitement... Director Philippa Lowthorpe and screenwriter Andrea Gibb have tweaked one or two details of Ransome’s original. And they’ve added an extra dash of derring-do. But at heart their film is as cosily nostalgic as the cherished 1974 version.”— Jason Best, Movie Talk