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The Governor, episode 6 To The Death

The Governor 1

Director Peter Muxlow 

Producer Tony Isaac 

Editor Jamie Selkirk 

With Corin Redgrave, George Henare, Aileen O’Sullivan, Peter Bool, Vivienne Riddle, John Bach

To the Death is the sixth and final episode in the series. Governor Grey’s belief in New Zealand’s future wavers as he looks back at his failure make good on the contents of his former idealistic views.  Grey decides to lead the fight against Premier Julius Vogel's proposal to abolish the provincial system that he had helped establish in 1852. In 1875 Grey was elected superintendent of Auckland province and also as Member of the House of Representatives (MHR) for Auckland City West with the Liberal Party.  His desire to protect the Māori haunts him as Vogel’s bill becomes reality. Although re-elected to the House of Representatives in 1893, Grey leaves for England the following year and does not return.  He and his wife are reconciled in 1897, but both pass in 1898.  

Screening in partnership with the exhibition Colin McCahon: On Going Out with the Tide currently on at City Gallery, Wellington. Introduced by film historian Lawrence McDonald.