The Seekers

The Seekers

Director Ken Annakin

Producer George H Brown

Editor John D Guthridge

Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth

Contributors Cultural Advisor: Inia Te Wiata, Hongi Tepe: Inia Te Wiata

Phillip Wayne, an English seaman, expects death or torture after being captured by a Māori tribe. Instead he is adopted as a blood brother by Hongi Tepe, the noble, intelligent chief of the tribe. But the obstacles are tremendous, in spite of Hongi Tepe’s help and approval. From the blood and horror of battle a new spirit emerges. Hongi Tepe adopts Wayne’s orphaned son as his own and teaches him to love the country and respect its people and customs. As the boy grows up, more and more European people pour in - early seekers after a brave new world

“Considerable care and imagination have been lavished on this epic tale of Empire building in New Zealand, with hundreds of Māori providing authentic background. It is a powerful story of pioneering days in the last century, marred by weakness and betrayal.” - (Variety, July 7, 1954)

“G” classification came with proviso that parts of the film may be unsuitable for young or nervous children.

The Seekers was released in the United States as Land of Fury.

This Matariki screening is to support of the exhibition “Wāhine: Beyond the Dusky Maiden” at Turnbull Gallery , 6 June-25 August, 2017.