Tuaiwa Hautai Rickard

Eva Rickard

Director Tama Poata

Producer Tama Poata, Alison Langdon

Editor Annie Collins

A documentary about Māori land rights campaigner Eva Rickard, who successfully campaigned for the return of the Raglan golf course to her iwi in the 70s.

The land the golf course was built on had been destroyed during World War II to make way for an aerodrome after the Māori landowners had been evicted. After the war the land, rather than being returned to its the Māori owners, was turned into a golf course. Eva Rickard led the struggle to win back the land - a cause she and her supporters won. The Raglan protest is important because it helped to change both attitudes to Māori land and land legislation in New Zealand.

This Matariki screening is to support the exhibition “Wāhine: Beyond the Dusky Maiden” at Turnbull Gallery , 6 June-25 August, 2017.